Raah-e-najaat for hopeless peoples

We give a helping hand for hopeless peoples


Mission & Vision

The mission of the Raah-e-najaat Foundation is to deliver all possible facilities that are essential to the dignified life of the individual or community on which all life depends

Our Vision

Our vision is to leave a sustainable world for future generations

Our project’s objective to strengthen and focus the dialogue on marginalised women and girls in India.

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Raah-e-Najaat focuses on large scale interventions that build communities that are efficient of empowering women and girls, meanwhile we can’t overlook the basic needs of living and sustainable atmosphere in marginalized communities for their daily basic requirements. Women have long-endured familial, communal, societal, and economic discrimination. We put women and girls at the heart of all our work because we know that we cannot overcome poverty without fighting inequality. In a just and inclusive world, each individual must have equal rights and opportunities. When we invest in women and girls, we invest in strengthening their families and communities


Integrity Beyond Reproach
Respect for People, Communities, and Cultures
Commitment to Diversity
Tangible, Lasting Results

These are the areas of our work that was more actively mobilized during this time of course.

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We aim to impact the lives of more than 50 thousand families by 2025, giving them a life of dignity

We plan to achieve our goals by leveraging the following strategies –

Bringing gender transformative change by addressing power inequities among men and women

Bringing gender transformative change by addressing power inequities among men and women

Innovative and evidence-based campaigns to eliminate the root causes of poverty

Impact driven approach to reach the maximum number of people

What is our Aim to Achieve By 2030?

By 2030, Raah-e-Najaat aims to provide social protection to over 100 thousand people from the poor and marginalised communities, by helping them overcome poverty.

Overcoming Poverty

For 15 years (including 14 years of before registration work), Raah-e-Najaat has been working to defeat poverty and achieve social justice. We are building a just and inclusive nation for all genders and communities, where everyone has a life of dignity and security. Our work has become even more urgent and necessary, as thousands of people around the country are battling Covid-19. Raah-e-najaat has been responding promptly to the pandemic with the support of its donors, working closely with deserving families & local administrations to support marginalised communities.

How you can help us

Just call at+91 7671993991 to make a donation