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Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are four primary areas in which we run programmes, namely education, health, livelihoods and disaster preparedness and response. Our work includes bringing about gender transformative change, building resilience and inclusive governance.

  • We work in various states and cities in India. The most commonly we serve the Hyderabad communities. Our work focuses on India; we do not have projects in other countries.

  • We value the support provided by our donors. Therefore, their privacy concerns regarding the safety of their personal information are of paramount importance. The donor data is not exposed or shared with any external agencies.

  • The money collected from our fundraising initiatives are used for: • Empowering women and girls from poor and marginalized communities to rise above abject poverty and social exclusion • Funding our extensive programmes like providing education to out-of-school girls, reducing infant mortality and improving maternal health, facilitating sustainable livelihoods for project participants, and reducing malnutrition among marginalized families • Bringing about a more gender equal society, build resilience among communities to overcome exclusion, poverty and disasters, and connect women entrepreneurs to markets • Strengthening healthcare and education delivery systems so that benefits reach the last mile • Building capacity of teachers, anganwadi workers and other functionaries to be able to reach quality service on time to the project participants.

  • All donations to Raah-e-Najaat are eligible for 50% tax exemption under Section 80 G. Tax receipts are provided to all our donors, regardless of the amount of contribution, via email and snail mail. For more information on this topic, please visit: https://www.raah-e-najaat.com/donate/

  • We receive funding from individuals like you, corporates and institutions.

  • We choose projects based on our strategic programming framework, which provides guidance on matters of where we work, with whom and for what outcome

  • Raah-e-Najaat Foundation works with various local partners every year. Raah-e-Najaat has developed relationships based on trust, efficiency and transparency with many local NGOs. There is a rigorous process of due diligence which an NGO has to go through before they are cleared to work with us.

  • We regret that we do not share the personal details of the beneficiaries with our donors. The money collected from our fundraising initiatives are pooled together, and then utilized among the programmes according to the needs and urgency. Your contribution does not get directed to a single beneficiary

  • We do accept donations in kind, but its mainly depends of requirement and kind and as per our terms and conditions

  • Yes, Raah-e-Najaat Foundation does accept donations in foreign (non-INR) currency. We are in process of registration under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA), 2010. Once the registration is obtained, we will inform and update the same on our website. After completion of registration, As an individual donor, you need to be an NRI and donate from your foreign bank account and send us a copy of your passport.

  • Not yet. Raah-e-Najaat is under process of registration for receiving the foreign payments once the process is complete any individual (NRI) or institutional donations can be accepted.

  • Yes, we do. We do intensive training sessions with them so that they are fully knowledgeable about Raah-e-Najaat Foundation and its programmes, and can share important information as and when required.

  • Raah-e-Najaat Foundation has been working to empower marginalized women and children in India. Our credibility lies in the work we have done in various categories on the ground. Last year we have brought positive change in the lives of over 100 families directly. Our efforts have been recognized by individuals and families; our projects have been adopted and scaled-up by various level, we do hold the NGO Darpan recognition from government. Raah-e-Najaat Foundation has also appreciated for its work by individual corporates and institutions in Hyderabad.