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Institutional partners support us in bringing creative answers to deep-rooted development challenges and in providing sustainable and comprehensive solutions.

With India's complicated and diversified socioeconomic context, such development programmes need constant, medium to long-term work. Support from institutional partners enables us to effect systemic and long-term change through influencing legislative reforms, driving advocacy, and generating important research and innovative approaches for programmatic interventions.

Raah-e-Najaat collaborates with a wide range of Indian and international organisations. We are implementing a broad spectrum of programmes across India in multiple areas such as MRNCAH (Maternal,Reproductive,Newborn Child, and Adolescent Health), Nutrition, Education, Livelihoods, and Humanitarian Response in times of emergency, Building Resilience, Gender Equality, and Techno-Managerial Support to Governments, while keeping our focus on working in marginalised communities, system strengthening approach for sustainability, and gender Equality.

Partnerships are crucial for the future developmentss

Partnerships with non-governmental groups can help businesses enhance their social and environmental performance while also opening up new market prospects (NGOs). NGOs' and corporations' knowledge, expertise, and capabilities differ and may be complementary. NGOs and businesses may frequently accomplish more together than they could alone. Currently, the COVID epidemic and its economic and social consequences have only emphasised the significance of cross-sectoral collaboration. Efforts by governmental, non-profit, and corporate entities have been critical in obtaining and distributing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as well as creating and making treatment and testing available. These agreements will also be critical in vaccine research and dissemination. More generally, the pandemic and its deep social and economic consequences have revealed fundamental issues in both rich and developing nations about access to – and availability of – resources such as education and health care. Addressing these demands will very certainly necessitate the participation of groups from the governmental, commercial, and non-profit sectors.

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