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Providing underprivileged females with great education and leadership opportunities

Raah-e- Najaat's Women Education Program (WEP) has been working for 15 years (14 times prior to registration) to guarantee excellent primary education for children, particularly females and those from underprivileged areas, in order to assist them become future leaders and changemakers. We consider education as a critical instrument for girls to reach their full potential by developing critical skills and dispositions that set them on the path to social and economic empowerment. Our programmes and initiatives function by creating inclusive, gender-conscious, and safe learning environments for all. Our educational endeavors are guided by the Right to Education Act (2009) and the National Education Policy 2020.

Education System

Education systems are intricate. Alignment among families, educators, and decision makers is required to enroll and educate all children. It necessitates common goals and national policies that priorities learning. It also necessitates data gathering and regular monitoring to assist policymakers in determining what works, who benefits, and who falls behind. Education systems that are strong are inclusive and gender equitable. They promote early learning and multilingual education, as well as innovative approaches to reaching the most disadvantaged children and adolescents.

Innovation in education means solving a real problem in a new, simple way to promote equitable learning.

Education innovation scales the answer to the magnitude of the difficulty. It leverages on community ingenuity and expertise, such as a WEP program that enables local mothers and grandparents to support early childhood education, to guarantee that choices are made by people who will be most affected by their consequences. Many educators and community members are already at work as innovators. Raah-e-Najaat works with partners to uncover, foster, and grow promising solutions that contribute to the realization of every child's right to learn.

Raah-e- Najaat's efforts to improve education systems

Collaborates with communities, schools, and governments to develop strong, creative educational systems that improve learning for all students. We assist governments gather and analyze data to help them monitor progress on a variety of objectives and build national Education Management Information Systems. In addition, we create comprehensive standards for education sector analysis that are utilized in nations all over the world to generate equity-focused programmes and policies. Our activities encourage openness by shining a light on education systems so that students, parents, and communities have the knowledge they need to engage and hold decision makers accountable at all levels.

Focus Areas

Our Focus Areas




Disaster Management

Women Education Program (WEP)

Providing children aged 3 to 10 years in the most marginalised areas with an equal opportunity to develop critical learning skills such as reading comprehension, writing ability, numeracy, English speaking, emotional stability, and gender sensitivity throughout their foundation years. The Women Education Program (WEP) initiative employs innovative and scalable solutions to help children aged 3 to 10 years develop strong foundational learning skills such as reading comprehension, writing ability, numeracy, and English speaking, as well as critical abilities such as self-expression, social-emotional intelligence, cognition, creativity, and gender sensitivity. .

Building Innovators and Change Makers

Training adolescents from marginalised groups in cognitive skills such as inquiry, design, and computing, as well as 21st century skills such as communication, STEM, and leadership, in order to prepare them for better life prospects and to bring equality to their communities. Raah-e- Najaat's Innovators and Change Makers programme focuses on the development of three critical thinking abilities in teenagers, particularly females from underserved communities: inquiry, design, and computation. The effort intends to provide students with crucial dispositions such as social awareness, scientific temperament, and 21st-century skills in order to prepare them for better life possibilities (both educational and economic) and to transform.

Addressing the Learning Loss of Children During Covid-19

In the aftermath of school closures in covid-19, ensuring continuous learning for children in isolated and rural areas with low penetration of online education. Raah-e-Najaat began a multi-pronged initiative to enable sustained learning for children living in locations with limited internet penetration in four states to mitigate the learning loss of children due to extended school closures during covid-19. The initiative included providing easy access to relevant learning materials and guides for children living in areas with low internet penetration, establishing accessible and safe community centres and libraries, reopening schools in a safe manner, preparing teachers to address learning and psycho-social needs, and developing the capacity of community representatives to turn them into local champions.

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