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Raah-e-Najaat's financial assistance empowers marginalized communities meet their financial needs of various crises

Raah-e-Najaat's Financial help initiative aligned with SDGs 1 "No Poverty" involved early-stage startups led by women entrepreneurs providing financial assistance to startups for proof of concept, prototype development, product trials, market entry, and commercialization in order to improve the living standards of marginalized families or individuals in rural areas. We believe getting financial support at the right time along with mentoring technical support .

and organizational management is a crucial step any incubator can do for an entrepreneur. We are looking forward to enhancing our ongoing incubation programme. We look forward to supporting about 30 women entrepreneurs from the urban and rural areas of Telangana through the programme in the coming year. There are numerous reasons for which financial help is often required by marginalized communities, The most common amongst them is soaring medical costs are wreaking havoc on India's poor and lower middle classes. Out-of-pocket payments continue to account for the majority of medical spending. Lower middle-class Indians are unable to afford the increased health insurance coverage required to cover cancer expenditures due to expensive rates. The rural poor are either unable to access the advantages of government health plans, or the money provided under such schemes only partially cover treatment costs. Every year, hospital expenses for cancer and other serious illnesses plunge millions of peasants into poverty.

Identify Small Steps You Can Take to Address the Problem & Achieve Your Goals

Financial problems are always prevalent for many underprivileged families, especially given the uncertainty of today's economy. While worrying doesn't solve anything, having a strategy in place to deal with financial difficulties might help alleviate some of the burden. Furthermore, the financial rewards of dealing with financial issues—paying off bills, saving more, and lowering debt—can assist improve your entire view. Here are some tips for dealing with money stress and regaining control of your finances, which are covered by our experienced staff.

Raah-e-Najaat's awareness and mentoring initiatives make it easier for underprivileged households to achieve their entrepreneurial

Determine the leading causes of financial stress

Make a monthly spending plan.

Make the most of your earnings.

When it comes to debt reduction, be strategic.

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Disaster Management

Look for Things You Can Do, Even Temporarily, to Improve Your Situation

Here are more ideas or steps you can consider taking to improve your financial situation and alleviate difficulties:

When reviewing your budget, ask yourself, "Do I want this, or do I need it?" Will spending this money get me closer or further away from my financial goals? Is it possible for me to live without it? Learn more about differentiating between necessities and wants.

Do you make impulsive purchases with your credit card? This can lead to a continuing cycle of financial problems and add up to 50% to everything you buy. Discover how to decrease or improve your impulsive spending behaviors.

Examine your budget to see if you can minimize anything or switch to a less costly choice.

Look outside the box, ask yourself tough questions, invite a trusted friend to have a look at your budget and make suggestions, or sit down with a Credit Counsellor and get their suggestions.

Research viable options that will move you towards your goals. A consolidation loan, speaking with a Credit Counsellor, a Debt Management Program, or some other option may be a possibility.

How to Overcome the Root Causes of Financial Difficulties

Raah-e-Najaat’s Financial help initiative provide vast solution to marginalized communities financial problems and challenges happen to everyone at some point, and the stress and worry can get to you. However, realizing that there is almost always a way out can help you not feel so depressed. You may be able to find the way out yourself, or you may need someone else's perspective to help you find a solution and ease your stress. But one size does not fit for all. The first step to overcoming financial problems is to identify the underlying issue that’s causing the financial difficulties. Financial problems are usually a symptom of a bigger issue. To come up with solutions that work in the long run, take the time to identify the real source of your financial troubles. Your problem may not be listed above, or it may be more complex. However, the concept of identifying a specific problem is important because it is more likely to result in a lasting solution. Just like with a leaky faucet; placing a bucket below is temporary. Fix the tap and the leak will stop. Focus on solving the problem that’s causing your money troubles, rather than dwelling on your stress.

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