Raah-e-najaat for hopeless peoples

We give a helping hand for hopeless peoples


About Us

Raah-e-najaat foundation and its team members instigate journey of support in year 2007, We gone through the registration process in year 2022 (As described above) but it’s just a legal formality that enhance the exertion ability and resources, with evocative vision and mission statement to help communities in Hyderabad, Telangana India who compelled to live life under dearth line for innumerable reasons, meanwhile we encompass our support to different states in India, Raah-e-najaat foundation is a not-for-profit organization under section 8 government registered NGO, that builds capacity of communities to ensure empowerment for relegated women and girls. Our viable and comprehensive interventions in the Health, Livelihood, Education and Disaster Relief, financial help, burial help, Ration distribution, Orphanage help, water supply, marriage help, environment support & Resilience, provide innovative solutions to ingrained development problems and crises of resources.


Medical Help
Education Help
Disaster Relief
Ration Distribution
Women Empowerment
Financial Help
Burial Help
Orphanage Help
Marriage Help
Environment Foundation

Our Credentials

• Company Registration Certificate

• Tax Exemption Certificate (form 80G) by Income taxt Act.

• PAN & TAN Registration.

• Form 12A Registration.

• NGO Darpan Registration.

We issue the tax exemption certificate for our donors on their contributed amount.

Fragmented Model to Integrated System

The Raah-e-Najaat model is offering a shift from a fragmented to an integrated system. nudging for a cultural leap that our society needs to make – through framing and understanding the interrelationships between cities and villages in an integrated way. The model is creating a whole system of mutually beneficial relationships from the cities to the villages. By doing so, the potential of this model moves beyond sustaining the cities or villages or the environment to one that’s regenerating the well-being of all three (Food, education, and Health). This goes from common citizens in cities to common citizens in villages on a pan India level. It’s a more distributed scale, making and circulating value rather than using any new resources, creating a platform and source of exchange and value creation but unlike the traditional competitive way RAAH-E-NAJAAT is growing in its work by finding new ways for our stakeholders to create and retain more value.

Core Values

  • Respect

    Upholding the dignity of each individual

  • Integrity

    Adhering to an ethical code of conduct in all actions

  • Commitment

    Fulfilling our duties and social responsibilities

  • Excellence

    Setting high performance standards and being accountable to them

A Message From the Founder

Writing this note in 2022, at a time when the whole world is struggling from shock of pandemic as it still not over yet, is a reminder of the unpredictability of life; how even the best-laid out plans don’t work. More importantly, it highlights that even in the toughest times our values, purpose, resilience and standing with the people can be the compass to navigate whatever the future brings.

RAAH-E-NAJAAT FOUNDATION on its journey to complete two decades in 2025, turning it into a year of celebration and introspection. What started with unregistered organization with minimum of funds Rs. 10,000 back in year 2005, in the year 2022 we have registered as legal entity a (non-governmental organization) This journey is a reflection of two things.

1. A Journey without registration: Registering as NGO or any other legal entity is not actually the obligation for the work towards helping the people I, do help personally during this time of period to accommodate the basic requirement of different causes including (Medical, Food, Clothes, Education, Burial etc) I can understand that its hard to accept but it’s true.

2. A Journey with registration: As we all aware the registered entity in helping the people (NGO’s) can work more effectively and consistently focusing the different categories and visions, this registration is happened in same way, after working hard for 10+ Years and helping the people in need, finally those who are interested have come forward to join there hands with this Nobel cause and we successfully formed the RAAH-E-NAJAAT (a way of success in life & hereafter).

We have accomplished all this with a dedicated team working day and night to bring solutions to the problems, not a large army of passionate, committed volunteers, contributors but still we manage to work with people who have supported us with material, time, efforts, dedication, networks and hard work. The conviction to stick with each other has made this journey beautiful. Our story is the story of people of India, especially the people of Hyderabad, Telangana. Going forward in the face of new issues, challenges our path will also evolve and emerge around people and will bring new hopes for a better future where we will be better equipped to deal with the new world problems.

People might be financially ‘poor’ but they have a large pool of skills and social resources. My word to the team, our partners, contributors, the youth and the larger masses, don’t wait for the right time and opportunity. “This world is the world of volume; we do need solutions in volume and the people who work on those are also needed in volume.”

Let’s build a society where we respect, value each other and payback to the ones who are the true nurturers. It is the time to remove our distorted lens and look at life through their eyes and understand who are the real beneficiaries, them or us.

Mirza Bahadur Ali
For Team Raah-e-Najaat Foundation